Laila Zaidan


ليلى زيدان


About Laila Zaidan

I was born in Makkah Saudi Arabia. Following  my father and later my husband, I spent most of my life in different foreign countries and cities. I had my high school diploma as well as the AA degree in mathematic from the USA. As I moved to Riyadh I became specialized in teaching children with special needs. Moving to Austria gave me the opportunity to obtain a master degree in psychology and special pedagogy from the university of Vienna. 

My first hobby was oil painting, as a young girl I was fascinated with Persian arts. As a young lady I directed my interest  towards mode and fashion and attended several courses in different institutes.

Writing is also one of my beloved hobbies, but my latest passion is for ham radio. Just few months ago I have been granted the CEPT amateur radio license from Austria and became OE1LZA. Since then I became fascinated with this hobby. I hope I can follow the foot steps of my late father Ahmed HZ1HZ and be as good operator as he was.