Laila Zaidan


ليلى زيدان



My story with ham radio is a long and a short story. the long one started as I was born and grew with transceivers in the same house. My late father was a telephone and telegraph operator as well as radio amateur HZ1HZ, so there is no wonder to hear Morse code beats everywhere in a the small house with nine children. One of our joy was hearing our father  mumbling his thought out loud using the Morse,  these were tunes that brought joy for us as well as him. As technology advanced  we started to hear some strange conversations coming from the sanctuary - referring to my dad's station as it has been called by my mother. This aroused a great curiosity for us and the neighbors.

Once I sneaked to the station  trying to satisfy my curiosity, I was so astonished seeing my father with a great joy  making a contact in English language, he asked me to sit and listen and this was the starting point but it had to be frozen till recently. 

My short story started 2012 with an invitation from my great teacher Arnold OE1AGB to visit the ÖVSV club in Vienna where I received all the support I needed to get the CEPT ham radio license. In short time with the help of friendly OMs I  was able to establish a small station. I made my first QSO on the same day I passed the exam 22.4.2013 using a TX which was given to me by my dear friend Ivan OE1DIA and the call sign of OE3XMA club. Six weeks later I received my own call sign OE1LZA. Recently I added a new QTH with OE3LZA call.