Laila Zaidan


ليلى زيدان


Laila Zaidan HZ1HZ

The original holder of the call sign HZ1HZ was Sheikh Ahmad Zaidan, my late father. I am not here to take over his place in the HAM radio world or to replace him in any way because he is irreplaceable. I am here to keep this precious call sign warm and going on from one generation to another.

HZ1HZ was issued in 1949 to Ahmad Zaidan who was the first Saudi to obtain an amateur radio license. Now I am honored to have inherited this call sign and became the first Saudi woman to obtain a HAM radio license in the western province of Saudi Arabia and the second YL in the whole country. It was not an easy task to reach this achievement. I had to go through the Saudi Ham Radio exam on the 31 of December 2013 with 20 others, I am proud to be the only YL and the only person to pass it. 

My first call sign was OE1LZA which I obtained from Vienna, Austria. Later, I added OE3LZA for my second location. 

Nowadays I am busy getting my shack in Jeddah ready, hopefully soon. I am very anxious to make my first QSO with HZ1HZ call. So look out for me.

See you down the log!

vy 73,

de Laila HZ1HZ